Find a List of Senior Aged Care Providers

Your elderly parents can remain in their own home, and still enjoy family life. These services ensure your parents receive the best care. Aged care services are able to provide the perfect service for each client because they know that everyone’s needs differ.

You can find a detailed list below of questions you could ask a potential caretaker for your elderly parents:

Care Management

Assess your parents’ situation, including their health, diet, emotional state, level of mobility and more. Determine the kind of assistance that your loved one will need. A professional service provider creates an action plan for the caregiver and gives them instructions to adhere strictly to the plan. Weekly updates are also provided.


The service provider will help you with your everyday activities such as cooking and cleaning the house, paying for utility bills, managing medications, etc. Many of these providers also help with self-care tasks like getting dressed, going to the toilet, or taking a stroll.


When people age, depression and loneliness are common. In particular, this is true for individuals with medical conditions that prevent them from visiting their loved ones and friends. They can offer companionship that is much needed by seniors during the working day. Senior services providers can also arrange social events to connect seniors with others.

Medical care

They offer high-quality services and care for older adults with illnesses. The professionals of these services are highly trained and capable to care for your elderly parents. The professionals help the elderly parents to maintain their independence and live their own lives.

AOHC is a leading provider of aged-care services in Australia. Client-centered services and support are provided to all individuals with diverse needs. The listen to clients well and are able to understand what they want. A professional team offers specialized services at the parents’ homes. It empowers people and builds confidence so that they can achieve their normal goals and objectives.

Alpha Omega, a provider of aged services with a broad range of service offerings is described in the article.